About us

We are an innovative platform that collects and analyses tons of data to help boost your career. We use machine learning and deep data mining to deliver the most relevant eLearning content based on job market requirements & individual learning goals.

While there is an enormous amount of eLearning content, not a single platform takes into consideration current job market requirements as we do. Additionally, we aggregate different forms of eLearning content, such as books, articles, online courses

How we choose the content

We monitor and analyze current professional market , job requirements & skills, and based on that recommend users eLearning materials. By doing so, you receive the exact online resources required to fill gaps and achieve learning goals


We analyze the current job market requirements for each and single position available on our platform.


We examine the vast majority of available online courses, books, articles and other video content to match the job requirements.


Only the most relevant and abundant eLearning content is being recommended to you.

Our mission

Our mission is to broaden the horizons of learners and show the range of sources of knowledge available online.